Trots dat we nu ook in de UK finalist zijn met een van onze innovaties. De InnoGain herbruikbare minigatenmakertjes als duurzaam en goedkoop alternatief voor boren.


Al meer dan 10 jaar gebruikt men in de vestigingen Veldhoven en Tilburg de InnoGain herbruikbare Sparingsbuizen. Geen roest en altijd haaks maar ook nog eens 50 % besparing op materiaal en arbeid. Deze bewezen duurzaamheid is ook te huur in het InnoGain verhuurpakket. InnoGain “The wHOLE Solution”

Binnen 24 uur geleverd door RCM Ankertec/ InnoGain 2000 stuks verzinkte sparingsbuizen op de juiste maat met gemonteerde vuldop. Geen roest op de elementen, geen afval en arbeid in de betonfabriek en dit levert 2000 maal instortplezier!

Nieuw bij RCM Ankertec!

Innogain producten nu ook te huur voor bijvoorbeeld kleinschalige projecten.

Hieronder vind u onze volledige folder met al onze producten die in het verhuurparket zitten.


InnoGain Verhuurpakket

InnoGain now available through nationwide network

Following the launch of InnoGain to the UKI market earlier this month, SIG Performance Technology has appointed construction product specialists, Anchor Bay, as approved distribution partners. Effective immediately, Anchor Bay will be providing nationwide access to the revolutionary range of InnoGain products which radically change the way that holes are made in concrete.

Providing a cost effective and sustainable alternative to making holes in concrete – both cast on-site and pre-cast manufacture – InnoGain delivers a wide range of health and safety benefits by removing the need for drilling.

SIG Performance Technology has partnered with Anchor Bay to ensure that contractors can easily access the InnoGain product range. Mark Fyfe, Business Development Director, SIG Performance Technology, explains: “Bringing a product to market is one thing. Establishing a robust distribution channel underpinned by the right technical expertise is quite another.

“Bringing Anchor Bay on board as our InnoGain distribution partner is the exciting next step in making InnoGain a success in the UKI market and we are confident that with their nationwide branch network and online presence, InnoGain will quickly make drilling concrete on-site a thing of the past.”

Anchor Bay will hold the core InnoGain product range in stock which will enable contractors to benefit from a rapid ‘to site’ delivery service. The core range currently includes solutions for making post holes to support scaffolding as well as precision formed holes to install standard reinforcement bars.

Each InnoGain product can typically be reused up to 100 times and is fully returnable for supplier controlled recycling. These environmental advantages extend even further when the reduction in concrete volume and site waste is factored into the use of InnoGain over traditional drilling methods.

Marcus Parnham, Managing Director, Anchor Bay, concludes: “Having worked in the concrete sector for over 30 years I believe InnoGain revolutionises the way holes and spaces are formed in concrete. It is an honour for Anchor Bay to work in partnership with technology leaders SIG Performance Technology to bring this exciting product to market.”

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Exclusive Agreement Set to Revolutionise Hole Making in Concrete

SIG Performance Technology has signed an exclusive agreement to bring to market the revolutionary InnoGain – a new range of patented products which provides a cost effective, efficient and sustainable alternative to making through and anchor holes in concrete – and fundamentally removes the need for drilling on-site. Launched to the UK and Ireland on 17thOctober 2018, the distribution deal will see SIG Performance Technology provide access to an initial range of seven hole makers designed for a range of common concrete applications in construction.

Suitable for use on-site and in pre-cast manufacture, InnoGain is cast directly into concrete structures to produce holes which are precise in both depth and diameter. Manufactured to a specially formulated rubber composition, the elasticity of InnoGain makes the product easy to remove by hand once the concrete is cured – leaving a perfectly formed hole to an exact specification. Each InnoGain can typically be re-used up to 100 times after which point the product can be fully returned for supplier controlled recycling – making it an extremely environmentally friendly construction method.

By pre-forming through and anchor holes directly into concrete and removing the need for drilling on-site, InnoGain delivers far reaching commercial and on-site benefits. Financially, when calculating the total cost of traditional labour time and materials as compared with InnoGain – the overall cost per hole is significantly reduced. From a health and safety perspective, InnoGain negates the dust challenges posed by manual drilling and virtually eradicates the risk of hand arm vibration syndrome. InnoGain also significantly raises quality standards, particularly with steel reinforced concrete, as the consistency of the bore holes is guaranteed.

Supporting the sustainable agenda in construction, using InnoGain minimises the concrete waste generated on-site and also reduces the volume of concrete needed to form a structure.

Mark Fyfe, Business Development Director, SIG Performance Technology, comments: “With so many construction techniques not changing over the past 100 years, it’s very rare to find a solution which can genuinely improve the way we do things. InnoGain is a game changer in this sense as it delivers a truly innovative approach to hole making in concrete by completely rethinking the approach. By forming the holes at the point of casting, we’re creating a much cleaner construction method which has far reaching benefits.”

InnoGain will initially launch with a core range of seven products to create through, anchor and precision holes. The portfolio includes solutions for fixing to the outside of metal and timber formwork as well as profiled products which form holes for use with grout and chemical fixings.

Developed in the Netherlands by Rob van Rijn, a revered engineer and inventor, SIG Performance Technology will be bringing the product to market in the UK and Ireland as part of the exclusive agreement.

Commenting on why he has chosen to work with SIG Performance Technology, Rob van Rijn, said:

“SIG Performance Technology has an unrivalled track record of driving innovation in the construction marketplace. InnoGain has been used successfully in the Netherlands and proven particularly popular with pre-cast manufacturers owing to the extensive environmental and commercial benefits it delivers all round in the construction process.”